Do you have an Airbnb? We give you some ideas to increase income and profitability!

Airbnb increase income

Making money with Airbnb is one of the biggest challenges for hosts.

People outside the industry often believe that is a simple process, and the numbers come out easily. Nothing is further from reality; Airbnb commissions, cleaning procedures, and products, pressure on prices, damages caused to the property, licenses, etc.

Fortunately, it is possible to improve the revenues of Airbnb, but you will need: work, creativity, and sacrifice.

If you're looking for ways to get more, look at these 4 ideas to increase your Airbnb earnings:

I) Make improvements in your apartment.

Even minor touches, such as a new coat of paint or better appliances or furniture, can make your place more attractive to guests.

II) Host more people on your Airbnb

Adding a sofa-bed in the dining room or in a secondary room can increase the capacity of your apartment, making it more attractive for customers.

III) Offer catering services to guests.

Many Airbnb already offer breakfast to their guests, but it is still not customary to include or manage catering services or culinary experiences at home

IV) Offer services and experiences to your guests.

Hosts can create experiences based on their passions or interests. For example, the recommendation and discounts in the best restaurants in the city or offer complementary mobility services. Sometimes, offering these experiences could be expensive and investment may be required. But, the experiences generated thanks to the hosts will produce better reviews and, of course, more income!

From Lynx Sharing, we offer the possibility of offering an urban mobility service to your guests without any investment!

With us, you can offer a service of electric scooters so that your customers can move around the city. In this way, you will get extra income that will help you to make profitable your property and distinguish it from other homes.

Do not make any investment and don't need to change anything from your usual way of operating. We take care of everything!

  • We prepare informative materials for the service for your airbnb.
  • We offer personalized promotions for your customers.
  • We deliver and pick up the electric scooters at your apartment and when your clients request us
  • We take care of the boring part of the scooters: registration, legal aspects, insurance, etc.

You can relax and be unconcerned! And, in addition, you will get a commission for each unit that is rented on your Airbnb!

Contact us to get more information and how we can begin to collaborate.

Electric Scooter

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