Renting an electric scooter in Barcelona: All you need to know

When you are traveling to Barcelona is common to look for an alternative to public transportation in order to gain flexibility and improve the overall experience.

Since 2018, the rise of the electric scooter has transformed the way tourists visit cities for two main reasons:

  • Saves time. When you are traveling every second is precious. Therefore, the convenience of this method of transportation makes it ideal for these occasions. E-Scooters allow you to start the journey from the entrance of your hotel and park it in front of the museum you want to visit, moving at a speed of 25km/h.
  • It is fun. Moving around with the E-steps is very exciting and easy to handle that is why you end up enjoying every kilometer of your journey.

Traffic rules

However, you need to be aware of the traffic rules and basic regulations in order to be respectful of pedestrians and other vehicles.

  • Ride on the cycling roads or along the roads which have a speed limit of 30 km/h for cars. In Barcelona that is not a problem because these cycling lanes are almost everywhere in the city.
    • You cannot ride on the sidewalks
    • You cannot ride on the roads with the regular speed limit (50km/h)
    • In the pedestrian areas and parks, you can ride at a maximum velocity of 10km/h. If the car traffic is allowed then you can ride up to 20km/h.
  • Wear a helmet. You will see that most of the people are not using it, that is because currently (October 2019) it is not obligatory for the people riding their own scooters or bikes. However, it is when are renting them.
  • Don’t use headphones when you’re riding.
  • Respect all the traffic lights and signals.
  • Lock the scooters in the appropriated areas intended for the Personal Mobility Vehicles (Vehicles de Movilitat Personal or VMP). Don’t park the steps on the sidewalks near the pedestrian traffic or hampering their path.

Once you know these basic rules you are ready to start enjoying Barcelona. Here it goes some tips that will help you to do so.

  • Explore the beautiful seaside of Barcelona starting from the Forum and ending up at the W hotel.
  • Visit the Gothic area during the night guided by the light of your own scooter. The narrow streets and the traditional buildings combined with the abundance of bars and terraces will impress you!
  • If you don’t know the city very well, install a phone holder on the handlebar. That will let you pin your smartphone there, and use the google maps to make your journey easier.
  • Rent the scooter for at least 24 hours. After running market research we found out that the tourists appreciate a lot the convenience of having a method of transportation ready to be used along the day at a fixed price. We realized that when you are traveling in groups it can be really difficult to find a dockless scooter for each member of the crew. Furthermore, at the end of the day if they took multiple rides the sharing model can get much more expensive than the 24 hours rental. That is why 85% of Lynx clients decide to rent at least 24 hours and only 15% go for shorter periods of rental time.

Now you might be wondering where can you park the scooter during the night. If you own one E-scooter you will know already the answer: these little electric vehicles are foldable and are allowed to almost all the establishments including your hotel room, where you can charge the scooters during the night.

  • Don’t leave the scooters unattended for long periods, but if you do lock them and make use of an alarm. However, at nights it is very risky to lock them outside because it offers the perfect conditions for the burglars to steal it from you. Most of the robberies are committed at night.

Now you are ready to go! And hopefully, you will also realize that it is not only a method of transportation but also a new way of visiting a city that will offer you a lot of unforgettable moments.

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