Discover Barcelona with our uniquely designed interactive google map!

You will find self-guided tour options, restaurants, touristic spots, biking lanes

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map legend

To charge the E-scooters: The yellow symbol indicates the restaurants we partner. These are places that if you go to have lunch or dinner, you will be able to charge your E-scooters for free.

Each color gathers the touristic attractions that are close to each other so you can organize the different stages of your trip. 

By clicking on the icon, you will be able to find details about each place such as historical facts, pictures as well as the description.

The red color indicates the tourist attractions that are far away or in the hills; for these visits, we suggest using our long-range scooters.

Track: The thick blue lines represent the optimal road for electric scooters.

Cycling roads: The thin blue lines indicate the cycling roads of the city.

Rideable roads: The blue areas indicate roads where the E-scooters are allowed (30km/h limit roads)

Use this GPS guided tour to discover all the famous touristic places of the city by following an optimal track that will save you time and will take you through the paths available for e-scooters. 

 If you have trouble viewing your live location on the map, get in touch through the chat, and we will help you!