Visiting Barcelona by renting electric scooters is the cheapest option. See why:

Renting an electric scooter in Barcelona costs around 50€ one day, but the cheapest price you can get for renting the electric scooter for 24h is 25€ as you can see at So, let’s consider the cost of renting your electric scooter in Barcelona 25 euros.

Then, let’s consider other options:


As you can see on the image below, 50 km is the minimum you should do by taxi in order to visit Barcelona (considering just few important places using the most efficient order).

Taxi route in Barcelona

The cheapest price per km (between 8 AM and 8 PM) is 1,17€ from Monday to Friday and 1,40€ on weekends. So even considering the cheapest option, you would spend over 58€.

Tube or bus

The price of one single journey by train or bus is 2,20€ as you can see on the following image.

Bus ticket in Barcelona


So considering the same few places used in the first image, the price will be 22€. And we should consider time as another element which must be traduced in euros. Time is money and money is time. You know that if you want to enjoy free time, of course you need money and if you want money, you should spend time working. So, to compare all cases properly, you should consider the time wasted as a cost. And to do so, you can use the European hourly average salary (12€/hour).

So compared with renting an electric scooter in Barcelona, waiting for the train or bus (let’s consider 5 minutes on average) and the extra time spent on the bus/train doing intermediate stops without considering traffic jumps, you would spend around 2 hours. So the real cost would be 46€! 22€ (tickets)+24€ (time wasted).

Shared electric scooters/bikes/motos

In the streets, you can find motorbikes or electric bikes/scooters which you can rent for minutes starting from 1€. The cheapest cost would be around 0,2€ per minute, so it means that it would cost at least 12€ per hour. If you want to visit the city, for sure you will need it for more than 3 hours (even considering just the riding time), so the prices would be higher than 36€ per day. If you consider visiting Barcelona with family or friends, then you would not find enough shared scooters, at least at the same place.

Furthermore, with this kind of service you don’t have extras such as chargers, helmets, phone holders, locks and alarms, etc. For example, at Lynx you will have free helmets and chargers (so you can charge them during the day or night) using quality electric scooters and with customer service, all the day, paying just 25€.


The cheapest way (and only funny option) to visit Barcelona is renting an electric scooter considering you don’t want to walk (for sure you will walk more than 3 hours, so the real cost would be more than 36€ if you don’t enjoy it).



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