Why Should You Rent an Electric Scooter at LYNX Barcelona

Once in Barcelona, foreign visitors have multiple channels to get around in, but by far, my most favorite is the electric scooter. Taking the metro and the buses are convenient, yet it can take a while to stop every few minutes and is a bit confusing. Walking can be a hassle when it’s too hot out, and taking a taxi can take a toll on your wallet in the long run. 


So, of course, the last few options are renting bikes, mopeds, and electric scooters. Tourists struggle to rent mopeds because they require an international license; thus, bikes and scooters are the best options for exploring the beautiful city.


Speaking from experience myself as a new native to the breathtaking city, I favor electric scooters over all other transportations. LYNX scooters rentals specifically present the most promising deals for your dollar, and I will tell you eight reasons why. 


1) Multiple Day Rentals 


You have the option to reserve the electric scooters for more than one day. So for those who are staying for a week or longer, you can bring the scooter back to the hotel, Airbnb, or hostal and use it every day until you plan to leave. This option creates peace of mind for travelers to roam the city at their own pace and have a personal lightweight vehicle throughout their travel. Not to mention, they sell chargers for a low price!


2) Delivery & Pick-Ups Options


For 15€, customers can have the reserved electric scooters delivered or picked up at any location they are staying at. This feature is fantastic for those who do not know their way around the city and do not wish to pay for different transportation on their way to pick up the scooter. Imagine arriving at your hotel, and your scooter is ready to use in the lobby waiting for you. 


3) Excellent Customer Service


LYNX welcomes all customers with a smile. Whether it be over the phone or in person, the employees try their best to facilitate a pleasant and comfortable transaction with all persons. For example, staff are available during the hours of 10 am - 7 pm to answer all customers’ WhatsApp texts and calls at both LYNX locations and are guaranteed a response as soon as possible. 


4) Accommodating to Large Groups 


LYNX also offers significant reservations for groups to rent on the same day and for the same amount of time for larger groups. Just the other day, a group of four boys from Liverpool came in to visit for the week, and they were able to ride down the streets together, renting through LYNX. 


5) Scooters are Always in Perfect Condition


The company takes outstanding care of its scooters. From the moment you pick them up, the scooters are at full battery. Not to mention, they carefully sanitize the entirety of the scooters. This safety detail is great to know during COVID too!   


6) Several Models 


LYNX offers more than one type of bike. First, there is the Standard, and then there is the Long Range. The Standard has a velocity of 25 km/h and a range up to 30 km. The Long Range has a velocity of 25 km/h and a range of 45 km. Depending on which routes and how long you decided to ride for, this company has options for you. 



7) Cheap Prices


Most scooter companies charge tourists more than they need to for the same services, yet LYNX presents unbeatable fair prices for better service. The Standard scooters run for 25€ for twenty-four hours and 20€/d for two to five days, and 18€/d for an additional five days. The Long Range scooters cost 30€ for twenty-four hours and 24€/d for two to five days, and 21€/d for additional five days. These deals, compared to others, can not be overlooked. 


8) They have multiple locations


In Barcelona, it is ideal to have options. From different places to sightsee to places to eat, the city offers a diverse array of opportunities. LYNX wanted the same for its customers. With two locations in Barcelona city, Carrer del Comte D’urgell 16, Barcelona and Passeig de Sant Joan 63, Barcelona, this scooter company makes renting scooters more accessible to the public and provides the storage for more scooters. This luxury also allows riders to pick up at one location and return them at the other if they choose. 


If you are traveling to Spain and find yourself and your friends or family in need of scooters, I would highly recommend going online or calling either office and renting their affordable and impressive scooters. You will not be disappointed.


By: Elizabeth Salathe

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