Electric Scooters: Deposit and Damages

We request a minimum deposit of 100€ per rent
A 100€ charge will be made before renting on the credit/debit card or by cash to the driver, so we can pay the fines/damages, if there are no fines/damages the money will be returned when the user comes back.

The driver will be held responsible for the payment of any fine due to a misuse of the vehicle.  In the case of the vehicle being immobilized and/or taken to a police deposit the driver will have to pay all the bills, and if for the return of the vehicle a LynxSharing personnel will be needed, the driver will have to pay a 100€ charge. If the total amount exceeds 100€ the user will have to pay the remaining part.


Broken or lost Bell (if given).
Broken or stolen orange reflector.
Broken or stolen grip.

A broken or lost key of the lock.
Broken kickstand of E-STEP 

Phone holder


Damage of the back light.
A scratch at a panel.
Damage in the light buttons, turbo, etc.
Damaged or lost mudguard. 
Flat tire and inner tube front or rear.
Broken brake lever of xiaomi m365
Lost lock
A damaged or lost helmet.

A damaged or broken complete wheel 12”.
Serious damage of a panel. 
A breakage in the front light.
Broken brake lever of TP SCOOTER.

Completely broken mechanic brake kit.
Serious damage of the E-STEP motor
Stolen battery

up to 500€
Serious damages of the vehicle (motor, front or rear suspension, etc.).
Damage of the steering column.
Irreparable damage