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  • Replacement vehicle available. Check the conditions

If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us by chat or at +34 722 875 848

We REPAIR all electric scooter models

We fix any type of failure or malfunction and facilitate the most suitable spare parts and accessories for your electric scooter. Find what you need and its price in our catalog.

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  • Carrer Comte d'Urgell 16, Barcelona, Spain

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  • You can solicit the service contacting us and we will come to your location to fulfill your needs or pick-up the scooter so you do not have to displace
  • We offer repair services on location (+15€)

  • You can pay online by card or on delivery by cash

Cheapest prices for wheel changes and repairs

Labor wheel replacement - €20

Material original standard tube- €5 (€15 if full tire needs replacement)

Material solid tires for Xiaomi M365 and other brands (High-end) - €22

Material 10 inch wheels - €25

We carry out express puncture repairs and wheel changes, and provide you with the best quality wheels.


LYNX offers the fastest repairs while maintaining high quality standards. Express wheel changes and other more complex repairs in a matter of hours.

If you cannot come to our shop we will pick up the scooter for an extra cost of €5.

We offer replacement vehicles for those repairs that exceptionally require leaving the scooter in the workshop for 24 hours or more. This service has an additional cost of €10/day and will be for free if in any case LYNX does not meet the initially agreed deadlines.

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  • Xiaomi M365 and Pro
  • Ninebot
  • Cecotec
  • Other brands

The Xiaomi M365 is currently the most popular electric scooter in Barcelona followed by the Xiaomi Pro.

The autonomy of the M365 of up to 30 km and its light weight of 12.5 Kg make it the perfect candidate for daily usage: going to work, visiting clients and any other journey within the city.

If the intention is to visit a city or travel long distances, we recommend to consider the Xiaomi Pro model since even if it is a little heavier (14.2 Kg) it guarantees a great autonomy with up to 45 km.

You can see the rest of the Xiaomi M365's features on its official page.

The main breakdowns of these scooters are related to wheels and brakes. The tires that come as standard can be easily punctured and, considering that the wheel changes are not easy, the installation of solid wheels can be a good option.

Xiaomi scooter

Segway Ninebot scooters are recognized for their higher speed (reaching 30km / h in their sport mode). The most popular models of this brand are the Ninebot ES2 and the Ninebot ES4.

The difference between both models is as simple as coupling a battery. In other words, if we connect a removable battery to the Ninebot ES2, we get a Ninebot ES4 scooter as a result.

The most common repairs for these models are electronic or battery related.

For more details on its features you can visit the official website of Ninebot.

Ninebot scooter

The electric scooter brand Cecotec has also gained many followers in the city of Barcelona thanks to its good relation between quality and price.

The most popular model offered by Cecotec is the BONGO SERIE A, probably because it is its cheapest model and it works quite good. Although the same brand offers other more robust models, however they are not so cheap.

An advantage of this brand is that they use tubeless wheels which makes it much more difficult for the wheel to get punctured.

For more information on the characteristics of Cecotec scooters you can check the official website of the brand

From our workshop in Barcelona we have repaired many other models of electric scooters such as Raycool, Jdbug, Brigmton, Joyor, Masscity, SK8, Smartgyro. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Logically there will be a very direct relationship between the price and the performance and material quality of the scooters. 

To save on repairs, we recommend not buying the cheapest brand and investing a minimum in buying a more robust scooter model. Then, we will make sure that it does not break easily and that we end up saving money in the long run.

You can find suppliers of the main brands of electric scooters on this page

our workshop in barcelona

Taller reparaciones patinetes eléctricos LYNX

Our LYNX workshops are conveniently located in Barcelona center. They are part of the LYNX electric scooter rental shop, recognized in Barcelona as one of the favorite alternatives for tourists who want to visit the city on wheels.

In order to meet the needs of our fleet of more than 100 electric scooters, our mechanics have had to specialize exclusively in e-scooters repairs. Consequently we have all the tools, parts and mechanisms necessary to make repairs in the most efficient way while guaranteeing the best results.