Life as a Lynx Sharing Intern by Yeelena Faustino

Barcelona Sea Port

One could say my internship abroad in Barcelona has been fairly unconventional. Being an intern at Lynx Sharing, an e-scooter rental company, has been an amazing experience so far. At first, I was hesitant to work with a start-up company because I didn’t know what my work would entail. I’ve been an interior designer, flier distributor and a blogger. I would say a fairly unconventional internship so far! I’ve enjoyed every single moment.

Today’s agenda consisted of borrowing a company scooter and riding around town. My journey began in the busy streets of Las Ramblas which is basically an outdoor mall that goes on for a little less than a mile. Just south of it, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. I made my way through the seaside markets and stopped occasionally to take a couple of pictures. One of my favorite things about Barcelona is its explorable coastline that leads you into smaller streets. In my experience so far, the small streets have the best food and I am yet to be let down! I also have discovered multiple fruit markets, boutiques and chain grocery stores tucked away in the narrow streets.

Barcelona Beach

As I made my way towards the beach, I decided to start at the southeastern end which had plenty of tourists, cute restaurants and parks. Another thing I enjoy about Barcelona is the parks. I assume because a majority of Barcelona inhabitants here live in apartments, the parks allow locals to enjoy the fresh air and to play with their dogs.  Once I reached the farthest end of the beach, I headed into town. I passed the Museum of Natural Sciences and a shopping mall that I never knew existed. This part of town was less touristy and reminded me of a typical downtown area with its tall buildings.  I stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant called Vapiano, a cafeteria-style restaurant where food is made in front of you. The food was delicious, and I will definitely be going back. To finish my adventure, I rode along the long diagonal street known as the Avinguda Diagonal until I reached my residence.

Italian restaurant Vapiano

Using the e-scooter was a convenient way to explore Barcelona. Since I was able to get everywhere quickly, the extra time allowed me to sit on a nearby bench and appreciate the world around me.


Yeelena Faustino

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