Places to Scooter to in Barcelona

Once our customers have signed the contract, paid the deposit, and put on their helmets, the brainstorming of places to go with the LYNX scooters begins. Since there are so many locations to discover in the lively city, let’s dive into a few gems you must visit before you leave Barcelona. 

It can be challenging to navigate traveling to a new city. After coordinating flights, hotels, the metro system, and the language barrier, most tourists are exhausted and in need of helpful advice. That is when LYNX steps in. Today, we will be talking about the three best places to visit on a scooter.

La Rambla 

Thanks to the new opening, LYNX has expanded to two shops, enabling customers to pick up, drop off, and commute to places all around the city. From our first shop location, located at, Passeig de Sant Joan, 63, it is only eight minutes away by scooter from the popular street La Rambla. At our other location, located at Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 16, 08011 Barcelona, the attraction is five minutes away. 

There are so many sights to see when visitors arrive. First, there is the famous market filled with food. Stands of all sorts of themes line both sides through the tarp-covered market as people walk in. They are known to sell mouth-watering smoothies and the freshest fruits and vegetables. Not to mention the seafood restaurants that accompany the produce stands. Walking through the massive market the sounds of people chatting and the cracking of oysters create the perfect atmosphere for families, couples, and friends to share special moments. 

Outside, one will also find human statues dressed and painted as famous characters. Red transformers tower over children as the squad past them admiring the strangers' detailed features. These statues are so realistic-looking that some are truly beautiful. They truly could not be humans with how long they can stand or stare for extended periods. The silent characters will be standing still one second, and the next their eyes are grinding in your direction, and suddenly they move their arm! Ahh. This form of entertainment is mesmerizing and impressive up close. 

La Sagada Familia

Just another quick 13 minutes ride away, La Sagada Familia is a beautiful church that rises far beyond the buildings and homes in Barcelona. Built-in 1882 and reopened in 2010, this marvel more than thousands of people each year come to visit. Riding through the streets on the way to this location, visitors will find charming neighborhoods and many diverse cuisines. 

The Sagada Familia was designed by a talented artist and architect named Antoni Gaudí. This 560-foot masterpiece is easy to get to by scooter and welcomes all. Inside one will find intricate glass windows all shining with blues, reds, yellows, and more. Tourists can sit in the pews and gawk at the arches and tall beans. The lines to get inside the temple vary depending on the days of the week and times. I would suggest buying tickets online to save a few euros as well. Here is the link to book your tickets!

La Playa del Bogatell

This last one is a bit further, but it is well worth the trip. Seventeen minutes along the shores of Barcelona visitors can travel to Bogatell beach. Compared to the Barceloneta beach, I would have to agree that Bogatell has clearer water and sand. Yes, the Barceloneta is the most popular beach, but locals even prefer Bogatell. Located on the other side of the port, this beach offers foreign natives to relax on the warm sand, pop open a beer or buy a mojito, and take in the beauty of Spain's Mediterranean Sea coast.

When people are commuting on a scooter they do not have to worry about getting on the wrong bus or metro train. People can fold their scooters up and carry them onto their towels on the beach. It is so easy with a scooter!

Now, the next time you leave the shops you have a few places to go check out! There are so many more locations to mention, but if you are only in the city for a day or so this list is perfect. I hope this list helps!

By: Elizabeth Salathe

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