The 3 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Intern by Yeelena Faustino

Interning at LynxSharing these last two months has been quite the experience. As the end of my internship is only days away, I would like to share the three main lessons I’ve learned since working at LynxSharing.

Starting a business is no easy task. At times when it seems like nothing is working, patience becomes your best friend. For the first couple of weeks when Lynx was searching for a storefront, we faced multiple adversities. For example, the first store we looked at was conveniently located near the Arc de Triomf, a tourist hot-spot. However, the store required a special license. My bosses tried to acquire it, but it fell through and the search for another storefront continued. We looked at two other locations and eventually, a store was rented near the end of July and is currently thriving. Without perseverance, none of this would have happened and today, nearly 50% of our customers are walk-ins.

Once a store was bought, the renovations began, and I quickly learned that a start-up is basically a newborn. At only a week old, my bosses and I spent hours taking care of her. We cleaned, plastered walls, installed electrical piping and painted. While doing renovations we were still doing deliveries, taking orders and trying to keep the scooters organized. Until the electricity was installed, the scooters were being charged at one of my bosses house. The good news is that babies grow and that’s what LynxSharing did. Helping transform LynxSharing from a mere empty building into a full-functioning establishment has been one of my favorite memories of my internship.

LynxSharing during its first week of renovations

LynxSharing during its first week of renovations
LynxSharing after a month of renovations
LynxSharing after a month of renovations 
The best part aboutworking with a start-up has been learning new things every day. Not one day is the same and every day is a learning lesson. Through feedback from customers and our observations, LynxSharing is constantly improving. For example, after finally settling in we noticed that many people would pass by and peep into the shop but always had confused looks on their faces. They weren’t too sure what type of company we were. We decided to fix this problem by creating a small sign. When making it I decided to write something that would catch tourists’ eyes and even make them laugh a little. The first line says, “Tired of walking?” That same day I could hear passerbys chuckle and even walk into the store to check it out a little more. Through self-reflections and customer feedback we are continually able to make small improvements.
Lynxsharing Street sign  

The time has come; the end of my internship is here. These last two months have flown by and it has been a great experience. So great that I want to buy an electric scooter! Interning abroad is no joke and there were times when I thought this wasn’t for me and I’d rather be at home instead. However, I’m glad I pushed through the hard days because I’ve had such an incredible time. Lastly, I would like to thank my bosses Bernat, Alberto and Eduard for treating me like a friend, mentoring me, getting me ice cream and being remarkable supervisors!

Yeelena Faustino

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