Xiaomi m365 tire and tube replacement

Flat tire Xiaomi m365 and Xiaomi Pro

Replacing a tire on your Xiaomi m365 or Xiaomi Pro is a difficult task, we are not going to lie. You will need tools, technique, and more importantly a significant amount of strength.

In the market, you will find regular tires (with air) and solid ones. Since the process of changing a tire is long and complicated, we recommend changing the tires to solid ones. This may produce some additional vibrations in the scooter, but it is not a big deal (you can also minimize them using some vibration damper, easy to find online), on the plus side, you will be able to forget about the tires for a very, very long time.

Here are some tips that may help you get a hand on it:

  • Warm the tires (more important for the solid ones): this will make it easy to work with them. You can use a radiator or a microwave (not more than 2 min!). Avoid using oven or similar, since you may burn them. If your room is warm enough, it should be possible to plug them in without using any device.
  • Get a friend to help you: you will need to put some serious pressure to put the tire in place. Having additional hands to hold the tire while the other is putting pressure with a lever will for sure help.
  • Get the proper tire: Some tires are better for circulating than others, some break faster, and there are some tires that are easier to mount than others. We especially like solid tires with holes that go from side to side - it will be possible to insert a long screwdriver there and use it as a lever.
  • Get the proper tools: You will need to disassemble the tire and then mount it back.

Tools required for tire replacement Xiaomi m365 and xiaomi pro electric scooter

How to do it:

  • Start by disassembling the wheel: Get your scooter on a stable position, our recommendation is to get the wheels off the floor (you can use a chair or some logs like us). Start by taking out the reflectors, follow by the screws under the reflectors and then go to the wheel. Take out the wheel, if you are replacing the rear wheel, remove the brake disc (since you may damage it while putting the new tire). Remove the old tire, it may be a bit difficult, first be sure that you take all the air out, then use some long screwdriver or other metal pieces as a lever.

 disassemble wheels from Xiaomi m365

  • Put the new tire in place: This is the most difficult part, but with patience and strength it is possible. Put the tire on the floor, and on top of it put the wheel rim (be sure that you are putting it in the right direction!!!). Then is just a matter of strength and technique. You can use some liquid soap as a lubricant, avoid using oils since it will get messy and difficult to take clean afterward. Just put back all the screws and reflectors as you found them, you can use a special glue to tie the screws stronger, but not necessary if you can tie them up enough.

Electric Scooter tire replacement for xiaomi m365

That’s all! If it’s your first time, do not let the process drive you nuts, it may take over an hour, and it may be exhausting.

If you are in Barcelona and would like to purchase a tire and/or prefer that a professional replaces your tire, you can come to our shop and we will be happy to serve you!

Electric scooter with solid tires

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