Discover El Born by Yeelena Faustino

One of my favorite things to do on an e-scooter is to explore. During one of my rides through the city, I stumbled into the El Born neighborhood. Bordered by the Arc de Triomf and la Via Laietana, you’ll not only discover a quiet neighborhood, but also a melting pot of food, culture, and history.

            Once called La Ribera, El Born’s history dates back to medieval times and is now considered to be part of Barcelona’s Old City. In the early 18th century, the quarter was defeated in war and was partly demolished as a result. It got its name from the old market, Mercat del Born which is considered one of the most significant iron buildings in Barcelona. Now, it is known as the El Born Center of Culture and Memories or El Born CCM. The archaeological site displays ancient ruins of houses and roads from the Old City. Today El Born CCM hosts various events to preserve and promote Catalonian culture.

Born centre cultural

El Born is very e-scooter friendly as well. The narrow streets allow you to ride around freely. It is also a perfect place to scoot-n-shop. While riding I like to put the scooter on eco mode so I can window shop. I rarely stop to go inside a store; instead, I write down the names of the shops I liked and visit them later on foot. This method allows me to familiarize myself with the area so that when I return, I have no trouble locating my new discoveries.

            In addition to its greatness, my favorite thing about El Born is that it is not very crowded. The minimal number of tourists make it easier to ride around and to truly admire the neighborhood and its authenticity. For instance, in the craft zone on L’Esquirol there are hanging textiles with designs and symbols on them. There is also beautiful street art that helps illuminate the ancient neighborhood.

Streets of el Born

            I would say El Born is without a doubt my favorite neighborhood in Barcelona so far. I admire the tranquility as well as the abundance of local shops and food. Furthermore, the fact that it is close to the beach makes El Born a perfectly placed neighborhood in my eyes. I will surely be spending more time here.


Yeelena Faustino



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