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Restrictions to travel to spain with COVID-19

If you are planning to visit Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or any other sity from Spain you should know the mobility restrictions enforced by the Spanish goverment due to the COVID-19.   Who can travel to Spain ? On 9th of May the Spanish goverment is lifting the state of alarm. Therefore will be much easier to travel to Spain from any country. Depending on the country you want to travel from you will be required to do a PCR test. COVID-19 Restrictions for traveling to Spain from the U.S. There are several restrictions in Spain for travel right now as the pandemic continues. For example, according to the U.S. Embassy, U.S. citizens cannot enter Spain unless they are eligible for...

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Electric Scooter Rent In Barcelona - How Is It Helping The Environment?

It is a known fact that the environment is facing serious issues due to pollution. The increase of carbon footprint due to vehicle exhaust emissions is majorly impacting the environment. However, in present times, people, cities, and countries as a whole are comparatively becoming more aware than a decade ago. Companies and welfare organizations are coming forward to do their part by providing alternative options and creating awareness. Barcelona: a city approaching the future with a sustainable model of tourism Barcelona is among those cities that are taking practical initiatives to promote environment-friendly services. As one of the most attractive tourist destinations, the city welcomed close to 10 million tourists in 2019 and is striving to offer a balanced tourism...

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Comparamos las mejores ruedas para patinete eléctrico Xiaomi M365 y Pro para evitar pinchazos

Los patinetes eléctricos se están convirtiendo en una alternativa de movilidad urbana muy eficiente y con mucho futuro. Una de las marcas más populares es el Xiaomi M365 y el Xiaomi PRO. Estos dos modelos tienen ventajas muy interesantes pero en ambos casos tienen una limitación importante relacionada con las ruedas, las cuales se pinchan con demasiada frecuencia. Por este motivo en este artículo os comentaremos las mejores ruedas que podéis colocar a vuestros patinetes para eliminar este problema. Patinete Xiaomi M365 El patinete eléctrico M365 es de las mejores novedades de la empresa China que incluye sistema antibloqueo eABS (sistema parecido al ABS de los coches) en rueda delantera. Este sistema eABS de los Patinetes Xiaomi M365 evita el...

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