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How we discovered Barcelona in 1 day with electric scooters

Hi! I recently visited Barcelona with my wife and 2 other friends and we had an amazing visit! When the staff asked us to write a blog post about our experience so other tourists could learn about this new way of discovering the city I didn't hesitate! We were doing a road trip around Spain, and Cataluña was a must stop. However, because we also wanted to see the Costa Brava and all its beaches and enchanted small towns, that only left us with one day to visit Barcelona... Luckily, thanks to the referral of a friend, we found a way to explore Barcelona in a fast and fun way with electric scooters! In this post I will explain all the...

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Discover El Born by Yeelena Faustino

One of my favorite things to do on an e-scooter is to explore. During one of my rides through the city, I stumbled into the El Born neighborhood. Bordered by the Arc de Triomf and la Via Laietana, you’ll not only discover a quiet neighborhood, but also a melting pot of food, culture, and history.             Once called La Ribera, El Born’s history dates back to medieval times and is now considered to be part of Barcelona’s Old City. In the early 18th century, the quarter was defeated in war and was partly demolished as a result. It got its name from the old market, Mercat del Born which is considered one of the most significant iron buildings in Barcelona....

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Life as a Lynx Sharing Intern by Yeelena Faustino

My journey began in the busy streets of Las Ramblas which is basically an outdoor mall that goes on for a little less than a mile. Just south of it, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. I made my way through the seaside markets and stopped occasionally to take a couple of pictures. One of my favorite things about Barcelona is its explorable coastline that leads you into smaller streets. In my experience so far, the small streets have the best food and I am yet to be let down! I also have discovered multiple fruit markets, boutiques and chain grocery stores tucked away in the narrow streets.

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